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365bet比分 represents California home builders on the development, adoption and implementation of our state building standards. Whether it’s energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation, fire safety or disabled accessibility standards, these issues have a profound impact on the homebuilding industry.

365bet比分’s “Codes Corner” is designed as an area where details on these and other code-related issues will be available, and updates on pending regulations will be addressed. The following are some of the important documents in this area.

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Building Standards Commissions 2024 Triennial Code Adoption Cycle

The 2024 Triennial Code Adoption Cycle refers to the process in which building codes are updated and revised every three years. This cycle ensures that the codes are current and reflect the latest advancements in construction and safety standards. During this cycle, committees of industry professionals and experts review proposed changes to the codes, taking into consideration feedback from stakeholders and the public. The updated codes cover a wide range of areas, including structural design, fire safety, energy efficiency, and accessibility requirements. These codes play a crucial role in ensuring that buildings are constructed and maintained to high standards, protecting the health and safety of occupants and the surrounding community. California Building Industry Association members are encouraged to participate in the code development process by participating in 365bet比分’s Building Products Efficiency Council (BPEC) to ensure that the codes meet the needs of all involved parties.



The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 was signed into law August 16, 2022. As part of the legislation, the $2,000 per dwelling unit 45L tax credit was extended for homes sold or leased through December 31, 2022. CHEERS 45L is ready to qualify dwelling units for this incentive now. Other than dwellings sold or rented in 2022, there are still a large number of projects completed prior to this year that may qualify for the credit. Low-rise multifamily projects are also eligible and typically qualify given California’s stringent Title 24 Energy Code.

For dwelling units completed in 2023 through 2033, new requirements include Energy Star for a $2,500 incentive and Zero Energy Ready for a $5,000 incentive.

For more information on how to qualify for this tax credit, contact Bob Johnson at CHEERS 45L (; 559 308-6045).

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